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About The Nalgona Network

After the last 2 year's of unprecedented global and personal happenings, I found myself having a difficult time focusing on work and staying motivated. I sought a space with likeminded amazing BIPOC folks to breakthrough my mental blocks but I was unable to find such space. So then I thought, why don't I make one? 

The Nalgona Network consists of 3 co-working spaces + Self and Professional Development events to meet your personal needs:

Night Owl Co-Working Space: A late hour co-working space for BIPOC creators who get their groove in the owl hour. All types of work are welcome: admin, design, organizing, and writing. 

Virtual Writing Workspace for BIPOC: Reserve a special hour for yourself and your writing. Whether your writing a book, zine, school assignment or editing, there is nothing like being together with other BIPOC writers. Come and meet other amazing Black, indigenous, POC, writers who are working on one-of-a-kind projects.

(New) Babe Sessions Co-Working Sessions: Earlier-in-the day co-working space option for folks that clock out in the earlier hours of the evening. 

Exclusive Events: Your membership also includes 2 monthly self and professional development meet-ups and workshops hosted by yours truly. Topics include, plan your new year goals, imposter syndrome, eating disorder sensitive content for your business marketing, etc. 


Come as you are

These co-working sessions are made for BIPOC creators in need of community and support. Procrastinating baddies welcome!

Who is this for?

Our Nalgona Network is open to BIPOC folks who are also gender-non-conforming/ transgender/woman. Participants must be 18+. Students, folks that work from home, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, and creators are welcome!

About me

My name is Gloria Lucas and I am the creator of Nalgona Positivity Pride, Seeds from The Flesh, and Mujeres Market. I am Gemini with a lot of Capricorn who enjoys fat cat videos and pie.

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